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Life Guard Equipment

Spine Board Model # 84

Spine Board, Model #84

The first Spine Board designed with the patient's comfort given a conscientious consideration!

A SOFT, RESILIENT SURFACE - Imparts a high degree of comfort at all areas of body contact and captures the all important body heat of the chilled victim.

HEAD SECURITY - Foam pads below and on both sides of the head for maximum support that are quickly and easily adjusted to fit the smallest head or a giant's! Just loosen and position to fit all sizes . . . removes with ease.

HEAD STRAPS - Forehead and chin straps with extra soft and comfortable pod . . . secures quickly with Velcro closures.

BODY STRAPS - Extra wide, 2½" all-nylon body and leg straps that feature a full 4,000 lb. test breaking strength to assure years of substantial, safe and comfortable service. Shipped with straps fully installed complete with Velcro closures.

RADIOPARENT DESIGN - The Jim Buoy Softee is radioparent only the tie bars on sides are stainless steel.

Model #84 - Size 17½" x 70½". 1 per ctn., shpg. wt. 25 lbs., UPS O.K.

Rescue Can Model # 82

Rescue Can, Model #81 & 82

Light-weight design provides less drag bright International Orange color for high visibility.

Features six conveniently located grips that are secure and comfortable to grasp and help to calm the panicky swimmer in trouble. The tough Shark Skin surface holds a film of water which lessens drag through the surf and permits it to actually glide on the water! Bright Day-Glow Orange helps to assure a more visible contact from guard station to station. Pocket Mask may be secured in recessed body cavity with quick-release Velcro strap, (Model #82 only).

Model #81, #82 (with Pocket Mask) Size: 27½" x 8½", includ. handles x 6". 1 per ctn., shpg. wt. 4 lbs., UPS O.K.
(Model #82 pictured above)

Rescue Tude Models 79 & 80

Rescue Tube Model #79 & #80

Both models feature bright International Orange vinyl coating for best visibility and lightweight foam body for handling comfort!

Model #79 Recommended for general use in swimming pools and lakes. Features a huge section of resilient foam, 6" wide nylon shoulder strap and plastic slide no snaps, only a 2" loop near the floatation section.

Model #79 Size: 49" x 6" x 4". 6 per ctn., shpg. wt. 12 lbs., UPS O.K.

Model #80 3" x 36" size with soft, nylon security lines and one-piece polypropylene body belt. All hardware is stainless steel with Coast Guard approved government bronze snap hook can't rust or corrode. Super soft, rounded body is coated with heavy marine vinyl for maximum durability.

Model #80 Size: 36" x 6" x 2-1/2". 6 per ctn., shpg. wt. 16 lbs., UPS O.K.


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