Jim-Buoy Marine Products



Coasters and Key Chain


Jim-Buoy Coasters!

Resilient foam fits most cocktail glasses, soft drink cans, etc. - Ideal non-spill drink holder aboard boat or anywhere as a distinctive coaster. Features multicolored brands on white buoy joined with realistic white grab line and actual Jim Buoy label.

Model #400 - 6 different colored rings per poly bag with full color bag header. 12 bags per case, shpg. Wt. 3 lbs.

Jim-Buoy Key Chain!

Floating Key Chain

FLOATING Key Chain Floats
up to 5 keys!

Match the style and color to your real "Jim Buoy" aboardship! Complete in detail with white grab lines (ring buoy only) and actual Jim Buoy label on all models. Features vinyl coated 1/2" foam buoy with corrosion resistant chain.

All models skin-packed on a beautiful display card with bar code for rack sales. 12 per box, ship. wt. 1 lb.

4 Key chain Models
Model #85-Yellow horseshoe buoy - Model #87-White life ring.
Model #86-White horseshoe buoy - Model #88-Orange life ring.


Realistic life ring styling in miniature!

Key Chain Floats up to 5 keys!